Who Am I?

Hello everyone, my name is Florida, and I’m a mixed ethnicity girl living in Singapore right now. For those who are unaware, Singapore is a city-state-country which is located off the Malaysian peninsula, and is considered one of the wealthiest cities and countries in the entire world, and is often compared with Hong Kong, London and New York.me

Being born to an American dad and a Singaporean mum, you can probably already guess where I got my name from! That is right. My dad used to come from Florida before he migrated over to Singapore and has been living here ever since, and hence my name was that.

I feel I have a unique journey to share with people, as I took an unusual path of being a sugar baby, then becoming an escort later on in Singapore.

I realized that many girls may have queries about becoming a social escort or a sugar baby, but have absolutely no one to turn to, and no educational institution teaches how to be one – obviously.

Also,  many guys in Singapore are woefully unaware about how to book an escort, and are sometimes asking really inappropriate questions, possibly resulting in rejected bookings without even knowing why. It is a highly scrutinized and privacy conscious industry, so I will share tips about how you can book escorts professionally, as well as get them to meet you over and over again – if you so wish to meet the same escort girl.