Reputable Singapore Escort Agencies You Can Join?

I have realized that most Singaporean girls prefer to work under or with a local Singapore escort agency if they want to become an escort. Therefore, I discuss about the reputable escort agencies in Singapore that you may consider joining if you are interested in being one!

SG VIP Escorts

A local renowned Singapore escort agency, also known as SG VIP Escorts, seemed to be founded a few years ago in approximately 2017, and has seem to grown to be one of, if not, the largest home grown Singapore escort agency.

Upon looking around, they seem to be one of the, or probably the only one which has given multiple media interviews in Singapore for the last 10 years or so. I can find backdated articles in certain news websites regarding other escort agencies, but none of them seem to be functioning or operating as of date.

Looking at their website, they seem to hire only Singaporeans, and women only. They do seem to state on their careers page that they prefer or seem to only hire those who are aged between 18 years of age to 28 years of age and women of slim build! So perhaps that is something you want to look at before applying.

A quick check against their profile or gallery page of their escorts seem to include those slightly older than that, so perhaps, they do accept Singaporean women who are in their young 30s after all still.

As far as I can tell, their site seems legitimate, and with lots of cross references elsewhere and seem reputable as well. So there you go girls, if you are a Singaporean woman between the ages of 18 to maybe young 30s and slim build, why not try to join them if you want to become a social escort in Singapore.

Ok, I did try to look for others, but I really cannot find any that seemed legitimate and replied me. There were a few other legitimate looking Singapore escort websites, but they belong to independent escort girls, and not agencies. The rest would be classified ad postings.

So far, the only reputable escort website I found in Singapore that you can be using would be that of SG VIP Escorts, so you will want to check them out!

Being An Escort Call Girl In Singapore – What You Must Know

So after reading my previous posts, you have decided to become an escort girl in Singapore! Cool!

Details you need to know as an escort girl

Here are some must know details before you start your journey as either an independent social escort or as an agency escort.

 Join only legal escort operations in Singapore

There are more than a fair share of underground operations in this entire industry in our city. For example, in my last post I talked about SGlala, however it is not the only one. Another such a big case in Singapore was SGwolf as talked about more here. These are operations operated from outside of Singapore, targeting clients and women locally here, but are not what you want to join. I have added references above so you can click and read more about them.

Verify that the agency you are working with is registered

Not every ‘agency’ is actually legitimate, registered nor legal. In fact, many are just undeclared, fly by night or underground operations – whatever you want to call them.

It is important that for your own safety, to join only escort agencies which are registered in Singapore, and are reputable or have some form of company registration or whatnot.

Usually, the dodgy ones who are always hiding their brand name or stuff from you, or hire girls under one company name while marketing you under another company name is a big red flag.

If you are a freelance escort, make sure you read the relevant laws in Singapore regarding escorts before starting

If you are self employed and an independent call girl and companion, make sure you familiarize yourself with Singapore’s laws before proceeding.

One simple example is as follows. For instance, you are allowed to post and advertise yourself with sexy photos like the following. But, you are not allowed to solicit for prostitution or related services nor try to imply that.

girl figure

There are way too many of this, so we will not talk about this here, but definitely make sure to do your own research before doing anything if you are intending to be a freelance girl!

Laws are pretty strict around this topic when it comes to the industry and service, and varies wildly from country to country. So do not blindly compare what you read about in another country and apply it to SG. Make sure to do your homework as a freelancer!

SGlala Singapore – Should You Join Such An ‘Escort’ Website?

SGlala and similar Chinese worded and styled ‘escort’ websites have been around in Singapore for many years. Some will come and go, and some have become larger than most, before disappearing. If you are a Singaporean girl thinking about joining one of these ‘escort’ website, think again. It is far better for you to join a legit Singapore escort agency.

As I had mentioned in my previous article comparing whether you should join an escort agency or work as a freelance girl in Singapore,  however, when it comes to, is a completely different type of website altogether.

Although I do not think that many Singaporean girls will actually think about joining a website like SGLala as a social escort, there is still a tiny portion of them who may be. Just in case you are one of these women, then this is for you.

What exactly is SGLala website in Singapore?

A quick summary is that it is a website,, which showcases the sexual services of girls on their website, with the photos, prices, and location of the girl or illegal brothel is on the site itself.

Most often, the ladies which are featured on the site are Chinese nationals, who are usually in Singapore under a social visit pass, and working illegally as a prostitute, and advertising themselves via the girl

These sites are very often not even headquartered, nor operated from within Singapore. The owners are very often still based in China, and operating a remote operation.

Should you join them as an ‘escort’?

There are many people who interchange the meanings of escort and prostitute, and there are also many others who are adamant about how different the two meanings are. I am presuming you already know the differences, if any, and have done your own research beforehand, so let me just talk about the business operations side and profitability and stability for you as a call girl.

These sites are largely known as prostitute sites, and not escort web pages when it comes to the local Singapore police force. Therefore, there has been constant clampdowns of roughly one to two anti-vice operations against the largest such websites per year for the last several years.

As a working girl, you need to concern yourself with the legal side too, because that can severely restrict the earnings you can make, if the company you work with is always suddenly down.

Is It Better To Join An Escort Agency Or Be An Independent?

The quick answer is – it depends. For those who are really keen on being a social escort girl in Singapore, I share the factors which you may want to consider before becoming one, and which route may be better for you. This is because in the few years I have been one, I have known people who work as independent escort girls and are happy and successful, and I also know many girls who work with an escort agency and are doing well and really happy too.

escort agency or freelance

What do you value more – privacy or independence?

Your answer may change over time, but most people slant towards one of the other at the current moment. Pick the one that best suits you now, and most likely will still serve you well in future.

If you value privacy, then like most others similar to you, you will probably end up working with an agency, because that is the more private route to you as long as you actually work with an agent who protects your privacy.

If you do not care about your privacy at all, and are more concerned about independent, then definitely go the freelance escort girl route.

How busy are you at the current moment?

Obviously, if you are working an office position in Singapore, the hours can be really hectic. Anyone living in Singapore and worked any kind of job before will know that the stress and hours worked, if you want to get to any kind of success will be extreme.

Therefore, if you are very busy with work during the day, or busy with studying during the day at a local university or college, then usually it is a smarter idea to partner with an escort agency. Just make sure that escort agency is legally incorporated and has some kind of reputation. Avoid those who do not have any kind of website or names, or refuse to tell you their agency name and claim that it is just their private client base. Additionally, also run away from those who put out hiring ads under one name, and yet market you under a separate name.

Without mentioning names, the above are often red flags, as those who do so are usually operating illegal operations, and hence are unable to tell you their legitimate registered names. If they are registered with the Singapore government and featured in the media or elsewhere, then it should be fine.

Nonetheless, there are some legitimate Singapore escort agencies, albeit not many.

If you are exceedingly free, then this factor is not that big of a concern for you. This is because you can market and arrange for appointments yourself as an independent call girl, as you are less restrained by time related issues.

Do you prefer to sieve through customers yourself or getting someone else to aid you in verification as well as vetting escort clients?

There is no right nor wrong answer here. It is what you prefer. Some girls prefer getting an agent to sort it out for them, and they just go for meetings and make money, while others prefer talking to the potential client, and then before deciding to meet him.

If you are the first group, then joining an agent is the correct decision for you. If you are in the second group, winging it as a freelancer is the right choice for you.

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong decision. It is about what you prefer. Additionally,

Common Questions By New Escorts And Sugar Babies Answered


Many aspiring sugar babies and social escorts in Singapore usually have lots of questions. Many of these answers to these questions can only be found out by just doing it, and becoming one, but nonetheless, doing your own research before making the decision to be an escort or sugar baby is pretty much important.

Why being customer centric is so important to your financial success as a female escort in Singapore

As an escort, it is important to understand that you are not in a regular relationship. You are the provider of a service, and you are to pretend and make the customer genuinely believe that you are in love with them, and to keep them happy always. There is a reason why customers pay you big bucks as a social escort. Only the best of the best can survive in this job, as many who are not used to providing what is known as the girlfriend experience can struggle significantly here. It is essentially the most extreme version of providing customer service, as it is not sufficient to just make them happy, it is important to make them happy enough to want to book you again. If you want to make lots  of money, the key to success is repeat customers and extended booking timings. Those two alone will make you lots of money, even without a ton of customers – though that is even better.

This brings us to our second point. Getting a new customer can be one of the toughest things when it comes to being an escort. This is the case both for independent escorts, as well as agency escorts – though it is especially so for independents, as you do not have a full time marketing team behind you, unlike that of an agency. Therefore, keeping them so happy, that they wish to extend bookings each time with you, and want to continually book you over and over again over the weeks and months is key to financial success as a female escort. As you can tell, the only way you can achieve that is by being the best companion in every essence.

Have you ever seen the way the girls at Orchard Tower which is along Orchard Road Singapore deal with customers? While they are not escorts, and are masseuses, the frequency and number of days they work, the way they work to keep customers happy, and to bring and grow business is the same hardworking mindset you need to have in order to succeed as a female escort in SG.

How much can an escort girl earn from escort work in Singapore?

One very common question many girls tend to ask is, how much can you make from escort work in Singapore? The reality is that it varies significantly. If you are working under an agency, it depends on which escort agency you join, the stableness of that agency, and the reputation of that company. If you are an independent escort, how well can you market and advertise your services? How high is your availability? Do you currently have a full time job or studies? It varies too much, that I can safely say, an escort girl in Singapore can make anywhere from $0 a month to $8000 a month realistically. There are people who exaggerate the numbers, but these are more realistic numbers. Since nearly all the social escort girls in Singapore only work part time, the above numbers are for those who have a full time office job or are pursuing a full time education, and working as a call girl part time.

Who is escort work most suitable for?

There are usually two types of girls who become most successful with escort work. Those who do it partly for the fun and thrill of it as well as the money, and those who desperately need the money. Most other girls in between the range tend not to do so well. Here are the reasons why.

If you do not enjoy the job at all, the clients will quickly realize it, and will never book you again, or your agency will not recommend at all and perhaps even fire you quickly. As it is a customer facing job, it is virtually impossible to hide any unhappiness. Therefore, if you do not at least partially do it for the fun and the thrill of being a social escort, on top of the good money, there is no way you can make good money.

Those who are desperate for the money due to needing it for clearing debt or something along these lines, also tend to look past any discomfort or unhappiness, and look at the money and work hard. These kind tend to do well financially too. But if you are an independent escort and belong to this group, make sure that you should screen your customer first too, as you will not believe it, but there are so many time wasters in this industry. People who will Whatsapp or SMS you and never to appear for the booking. If you are not sure how to deal with these, then joining an agency is a better choice.