Being An Escort Call Girl In Singapore – What You Must Know

So after reading my previous posts, you have decided to become an escort girl in Singapore! Cool!

Details you need to know as an escort girl

Here are some must know details before you start your journey as either an independent social escort or as an agency escort.

 Join only legal escort operations in Singapore

There are more than a fair share of underground operations in this entire industry in our city. For example, in my last post I talked about SGlala, however it is not the only one. Another such a big case in Singapore was SGwolf as talked about more here. These are operations operated from outside of Singapore, targeting clients and women locally here, but are not what you want to join. I have added references above so you can click and read more about them.

Verify that the agency you are working with is registered

Not every ‘agency’ is actually legitimate, registered nor legal. In fact, many are just undeclared, fly by night or underground operations – whatever you want to call them.

It is important that for your own safety, to join only escort agencies which are registered in Singapore, and are reputable or have some form of company registration or whatnot.

Usually, the dodgy ones who are always hiding their brand name or stuff from you, or hire girls under one company name while marketing you under another company name is a big red flag.

If you are a freelance escort, make sure you read the relevant laws in Singapore regarding escorts before starting

If you are self employed and an independent call girl and companion, make sure you familiarize yourself with Singapore’s laws before proceeding.

One simple example is as follows. For instance, you are allowed to post and advertise yourself with sexy photos like the following. But, you are not allowed to solicit for prostitution or related services nor try to imply that.

girl figure

There are way too many of this, so we will not talk about this here, but definitely make sure to do your own research before doing anything if you are intending to be a freelance girl!

Laws are pretty strict around this topic when it comes to the industry and service, and varies wildly from country to country. So do not blindly compare what you read about in another country and apply it to SG. Make sure to do your homework as a freelancer!

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