Reputable Singapore Escort Agencies You Can Join?

I have realized that most Singaporean girls prefer to work under or with a local Singapore escort agency if they want to become an escort. Therefore, I discuss about the reputable escort agencies in Singapore that you may consider joining if you are interested in being one!

SG VIP Escorts

A local renowned Singapore escort agency, also known as SG VIP Escorts, seemed to be founded a few years ago in approximately 2017, and has seem to grown to be one of, if not, the largest home grown Singapore escort agency.

Upon looking around, they seem to be one of the, or probably the only one which has given multiple media interviews in Singapore for the last 10 years or so. I can find backdated articles in certain news websites regarding other escort agencies, but none of them seem to be functioning or operating as of date.

Looking at their website, they seem to hire only Singaporeans, and women only. They do seem to state on their careers page that they prefer or seem to only hire those who are aged between 18 years of age to 28 years of age and women of slim build! So perhaps that is something you want to look at before applying.

A quick check against their profile or gallery page of their escorts seem to include those slightly older than that, so perhaps, they do accept Singaporean women who are in their young 30s after all still.

As far as I can tell, their site seems legitimate, and with lots of cross references elsewhere and seem reputable as well. So there you go girls, if you are a Singaporean woman between the ages of 18 to maybe young 30s and slim build, why not try to join them if you want to become a social escort in Singapore.

Ok, I did try to look for others, but I really cannot find any that seemed legitimate and replied me. There were a few other legitimate looking Singapore escort websites, but they belong to independent escort girls, and not agencies. The rest would be classified ad postings.

So far, the only reputable escort website I found in Singapore that you can be using would be that of SG VIP Escorts, so you will want to check them out!

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