SGlala Singapore – Should You Join Such An ‘Escort’ Website?

SGlala and similar Chinese worded and styled ‘escort’ websites have been around in Singapore for many years. Some will come and go, and some have become larger than most, before disappearing. If you are a Singaporean girl thinking about joining one of these ‘escort’ website, think again. It is far better for you to join a legit Singapore escort agency.

As I had mentioned in my previous article comparing whether you should join an escort agency or work as a freelance girl in Singapore,  however, when it comes to, is a completely different type of website altogether.

Although I do not think that many Singaporean girls will actually think about joining a website like SGLala as a social escort, there is still a tiny portion of them who may be. Just in case you are one of these women, then this is for you.

What exactly is SGLala website in Singapore?

A quick summary is that it is a website,, which showcases the sexual services of girls on their website, with the photos, prices, and location of the girl or illegal brothel is on the site itself.

Most often, the ladies which are featured on the site are Chinese nationals, who are usually in Singapore under a social visit pass, and working illegally as a prostitute, and advertising themselves via the girl

These sites are very often not even headquartered, nor operated from within Singapore. The owners are very often still based in China, and operating a remote operation.

Should you join them as an ‘escort’?

There are many people who interchange the meanings of escort and prostitute, and there are also many others who are adamant about how different the two meanings are. I am presuming you already know the differences, if any, and have done your own research beforehand, so let me just talk about the business operations side and profitability and stability for you as a call girl.

These sites are largely known as prostitute sites, and not escort web pages when it comes to the local Singapore police force. Therefore, there has been constant clampdowns of roughly one to two anti-vice operations against the largest such websites per year for the last several years.

As a working girl, you need to concern yourself with the legal side too, because that can severely restrict the earnings you can make, if the company you work with is always suddenly down.

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