Is It Better To Join An Escort Agency Or Be An Independent?

The quick answer is – it depends. For those who are really keen on being a social escort girl in Singapore, I share the factors which you may want to consider before becoming one, and which route may be better for you. This is because in the few years I have been one, I have known people who work as independent escort girls and are happy and successful, and I also know many girls who work with an escort agency and are doing well and really happy too.

escort agency or freelance

What do you value more – privacy or independence?

Your answer may change over time, but most people slant towards one of the other at the current moment. Pick the one that best suits you now, and most likely will still serve you well in future.

If you value privacy, then like most others similar to you, you will probably end up working with an agency, because that is the more private route to you as long as you actually work with an agent who protects your privacy.

If you do not care about your privacy at all, and are more concerned about independent, then definitely go the freelance escort girl route.

How busy are you at the current moment?

Obviously, if you are working an office position in Singapore, the hours can be really hectic. Anyone living in Singapore and worked any kind of job before will know that the stress and hours worked, if you want to get to any kind of success will be extreme.

Therefore, if you are very busy with work during the day, or busy with studying during the day at a local university or college, then usually it is a smarter idea to partner with an escort agency. Just make sure that escort agency is legally incorporated and has some kind of reputation. Avoid those who do not have any kind of website or names, or refuse to tell you their agency name and claim that it is just their private client base. Additionally, also run away from those who put out hiring ads under one name, and yet market you under a separate name.

Without mentioning names, the above are often red flags, as those who do so are usually operating illegal operations, and hence are unable to tell you their legitimate registered names. If they are registered with the Singapore government and featured in the media or elsewhere, then it should be fine.

Nonetheless, there are some legitimate Singapore escort agencies, albeit not many.

If you are exceedingly free, then this factor is not that big of a concern for you. This is because you can market and arrange for appointments yourself as an independent call girl, as you are less restrained by time related issues.

Do you prefer to sieve through customers yourself or getting someone else to aid you in verification as well as vetting escort clients?

There is no right nor wrong answer here. It is what you prefer. Some girls prefer getting an agent to sort it out for them, and they just go for meetings and make money, while others prefer talking to the potential client, and then before deciding to meet him.

If you are the first group, then joining an agent is the correct decision for you. If you are in the second group, winging it as a freelancer is the right choice for you.

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong decision. It is about what you prefer. Additionally,

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